Worried About Putting On “The Covid 15”? weight loss- Emmanuelle Blanche

If you’re anything like me, you spent much of your Covid 19 quarantine time counting the days until you could resume your usual beauty routines – manicures and pedicures, facials, exercise classes, SoulCycle, spa days, and trips to your colorist. . These long enjoyed and important beauty routines were forced to the wayside during Covid 19 lockdowns. As we all remained indoors, avoiding 2020’s dreaded version of the Spanish Flu, some of us indulged in alternate luxuries – by way of doordash, ubereats, and spending family time making atypically elaborate meals at home. Quality family time may be priceless, but so is having the key to removing those extra pounds that may have since appeared as a result!

If you’re looking for a quick and healthy way to get back in shape after gaining the Covid 15, there is one great option that offers you results in a healthy way, while still avoiding the scalpel. Different techniques in lymphatic massage and anti-cellulite massage have been used successfully for many years in Europe for weight loss and skin tightening. One such technique is called “The French Palper Rouler,” and has been brought to Beverly Hills, CA. by the Emmanuelle Blanche Spa. This specific lymphatic massage technique helps to eliminate fat deposits underneath the skin. “Though many machines have been used to replace manual manipulation, none have come close to replacing the hands of a trained palper rouler expert,” Blanche says. Based on the sometimes wait list at the Spa since businesses entered phase one of reopening, Blanche’s clients must agree.

Confronting the Covid 15 weight gain is no easy feat, and it is important to focus on ways to optimize your overall health, while staying home to stay safe. One common problem causing individuals to experience weight gain is the tendency to snack too often, thus overeating and taking in excess calories. If you find yourself visiting the fridge frequently, or taking too many “snack breaks” during your work day, you might try hydrating more often to fill up, keeping low calorie and nutrient-dense snacks like raw almonds or fruit at your desk, and including lean protein in your meals, which will help you to avoid hunger pangs and better maintain steady blood sugar levels throughout the day. Avoiding simple carbs and processed sugars will also help to curb cravings, and to reduce wasted calories.

If you find that the culprit is stress eating or boredom snacking, the best thing you can do is keep tempting foods out of reach, or avoid buying them at all, and to get moving! Covid 19 has brought us all indoors far more than we’re accustomed to, and a healthy walk outdoors, with sunshine and fresh air, will get you out of the kitchen and raising your heart rate! Go for a jog, take a bike ride, visit a park, pick up the phone and call an old friend – anything to distract from a craving or  potential kitchen raid, and keep your mind off of food.

Some health enthusiasts swear by avoiding snacking altogether, saying that maintaining a regular eating schedule is critical to keeping fit and maintaining your healthiest weight.

Whichever tips work best for you, the goal is to approach your weight loss being mindful of moderation and good health, and in this, palper rouler massage can be your secret weapon. Even when you are doing your best to avoid the snacks and get your workouts in, factors such as the aging process, irregular stress, interrupted sleep patterns and/or changes in habits can nonetheless lead to complaints from weight gain to cellulite. And when that happens, consistent lymphatic massage can be a powerful tool in fighting your Covid 15 head on!

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