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In a city where people spend the majority of their time in traffic, offering health and beauty routine options is, in fact, not an option!

As you know, sitting is the new smoking as it causes numerous health conditions, even if you exercise three times a week. Exercising isn’t enough, so leaving your desk every hour, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, and power walking as much as possible are essential ways to prevent cardiovascular disease, diabetes and cancer – and the same applies to cellulite and loose skin.

Inactivity encourages large amounts of calories to be stored as fat in the adipocytes, including the adipocytes found in the “cellulite layer” of the hips and thighs. This process is accelerated with sugar consumption and very quickly leads to cellulite creation. Inactivity also deprives your collagen and elastin producing cells (fibroblasts) of the valuable mechanical stimulation they need to stay functional and productive. Moreover, inactivity encourages your fat cells to proliferate at the expense of fibroblasts, thereby replacing your firmness with fat. And finally, as fat cells enlarge, they start breaking down your collagen network, further making your skin spongy soft. Inactivity is the biggest cause of loose skin.

Beverly Hills was the natural choice to open Emmanuelle Blanche Spa.

When I moved to LA, my beauty routine became more preventative. As I began wearing a strong SPF daily, partly due to the sunny weather conditions, something in my perception about self-care began to shift. If I wanted smoother skin, I knew I’d have to hydrate from the inside, not just lather up in lotions. If I wanted a more even skin tone and a healthy body, I’d have to watch what I eat and make quality sleep a priority.

LA has a reputation for being a health-centric city with a high concentration of juice bars, acupuncturists, yoga studios, etc.

In the first hour you spend in LA, you’ll meet approximately five vegans, a vegetarian, and a gluten-free yoga instructor . Two words: kale salad (with half an avocado). LA natives are known for their all organic eating and various diets.

In addition to being health conscious, LA residents also care about looking their best. Since bikini season is year round, everyone is constantly working on staying in shape with the never-ending fitness craze.

Perhaps it’s because of all the sunshine we get, or it might be the organic food,  either way, Angelinos are almost always on their best behavior. Unless you catch them on the 405 or during a shortage of brussels sprouts, they will most likely spread positive energy your way.

As my biggest source of inspiration is my friends, most of them being modern working women, it was only natural for me to open my spa near Beverly Hills. Time is precious, and they don’t have much time to take care of themselves.  At Emmanuelle Blanche, I provide a body treatment which takes care of both their wellness and their beauty. I want women to have a deeper connection to their natural beauty. I also imagined a beautiful space where they can feel welcomed and just release the stresses of the day.

I invite you to come experience the all natural, non-invasive treatments we offer at Emmanuelle Blanche. If you are a modern working woman, a mother, if you care about your health and your appearance, I am sure you will enjoy the benefits of our Palper Rouler method.

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