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Summer is here and we deserve to peel off the layers and enjoy the sun on our skin. But we don’t have to wait for summer seasons to get that summer bod. Self-care is an important year-long work and a body you love will boost your confidence and will positively affect many aspects of your life.

What we offer at Emmanuelle Blanche is a non-invasive body sculpting massage. Now, we know there are many treatments out there that market as body sculpting, so let’s explore and compare.

First, let’s clarify what body sculpting is. They are treatments meant to slim and smooth your physique by killing fat cells in stubborn areas of your body. The body then eliminates the dead cells by circulating and exiting the body through the lymphatic system, urine, and sweat.

Body contouring treatments will either be performed by a machine, a massage therapist, or both. There are many ways to kill those pesky fat cells, so I’ve narrowed it down to a few categories.

Machine Treatments:

Cold treatments:

Cold treatments like CoolSculpt are called cryolipolysis. The medical attendant installs a machine tube on the area targeted, and the machine submits that area of your body to almost freezing temperatures. This crystallizes the fat and then the fat is absorbed by the lymphatic system over the course of 3 to 6 months. You must allow a month and a half to two months in between each session.

It is not an anti-cellulite treatment and it’s best for healthy people who are looking for “spot” fat reduction in specific areas on the body.

Cryolipolysis is not recommended for people who are significantly overweight or obese and it’s possible that the skin surface may become irregular, have markings or bumps after healing.

There is a rare side effect that enlarges the fat cells and requires surgery. From this information, one may find that cryolipolysis would take several months before seeing results, and there seem to be more side effects or limitations than other body sculpting treatments.

Heat treatments:

Heat treatments like SculpSure use laser heat waves to burn and dismantle fat under the skin. The medical attendant hooks a machine with 4 tubes to the area, it will first produce cold to prevent the skin from burning and then the lasers penetrate the skin to target the fat.

The body then eliminates the dead fat cells. The Sculpsure machine is only FDA approved for 5 areas of your body, not including the buttocks, or arms. This treatment is not designed to help cellulite. So even though you may see a reduction in the circumference of your thighs, if you have cellulite, it will still be there.

Ultrasound and Radiofrequency treatments:

Both of these alternatives also use machines to break down the subcutaneous fat cells. These treatments were popular several years ago but are not as commonly used nowadays.


Brazilian Body Sculpt:

The Brazilian massage uses vigorous movements like kneading, sliding, pinching, and percussion which affects muscles more than fat. The idea behind the technique is to passively “work out” the muscles. Clients often feel soreness the following day as if they had exercised. However, similarly to our Palper Rouler, the Brazilian massage includes strokes that promote lymphatic drainage.


Endermologie is a massage machine that was developed in France. The therapist uses a machine that has rollers and moves it over your skin. It is said to roll and pulsate over the skin. The treatment is given while wearing a full-body leotard made of a material resembling nylon. It markets itself as a treatment to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Palper Rouler at Emmanuelle Blanche:

Our signature Emmanuelle Blanche treatment is a similar concept to Endermologie, however, the Palper Rouler is a manual technique with no use of machines and the client does not wear a leotard. Additionally, unlike most other treatments given in clinical practice, here, the client lays in a relaxing spa that breathes of well-being. Our technique of pinching and rolling, breaks down fat cells that lie right beneath the skin and cause the dimples and orange peel appearance of cellulite.

This French skin rolling technique is highly effective in releasing the fascia and breaking up the fat deposits.

Because there is no use of machines, the therapist can tailor the strength of the strokes to each individual’s goals and tolerance. Consequently, this treatment combines the body contouring technique with lymphatic drainage massage to stimulate the lymphatic system and start eliminating the dead fat cells immediately, as opposed to other body contouring treatments that only kill fat cells but don’t tend to the lymph fluid.

You will see immediate results in the reduction of water retention after getting the Palper Rouler and you only have to wait a few days between each visit. Because of its lymphatic drainage element, this massage is effective not only for the reduction of cellulite and a slimmer physique, but also for increased immunity, better digestive health, elimination of toxins, reduced inflammation, and a more balanced nervous system.

Given all the benefits of the Palper Rouler, we believe it’s the best combination to maximize results for your body contouring goals.

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