Stay Home And Stay Healthy- 5 daily habits to support your health in this challenging period.

During this quarantine, you can follow these 5 important things I have already shared with you.

1- The first thing is to eliminate the negatives that drag your immune system down, and those things that are polluting your body. Factors that can affect the health of your immune system include things like smoking, excessive use of alcohol and drug, excessive sun exposure without protection. Detox your body!

2- Change your diet to an anti-inflammatory diet. If the immune system becomes overactive the result can be inflammation. I recommend a more plant-based diet, a more Mediterranean diet, eating wholesome and real foods. Avoid processed and packaged food. Let’s cook!

3- The third thing is exercise. If the immune system becomes underactive you can be vulnerable to catching the flu or infections. But over-training or overreaching can make you vulnerable, as well. So try to exercise daily and moderately. Many virtual classes are now available.

4- Exercise will help you minimize stress and work on achieving mental and spiritual health. To keep your stress in check, practice yoga, meditation or simply deep breathing in your regular routine.

5- Lastly, let’s not forget about sleep hygiene. Poor sleep drags the immune system down as it affects our brain and the way we interact. Avoid screentime before going to bed!

In addition, I recommend dry skin brushing every morning before your shower and dynamic cupping self-massage.

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