Emmanuelle Blanche Spa-Lymphatic Massage -Palper Rouler -Cellulite Removal

As the popular saying goes, “in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes”.  Well, for women, let’s add one more to that list – cellulite.  No matter your shape, age, size or lifestyle, the orange-peel monster is inevitable.  There is still no solid evidence keeping a healthy lifestyle aids in the prevention of cellulite.  However, there is one effective anti-cellulite defense, the Palper Rouler Method, developed by French physiotherapists.

The technique of Palper Rouler consists of kneading the skin as well as the cutaneous tissues in order to eliminate the fat cells and to activate the venous circulation. It promotes lipolysis (destruction of fat cells), improves lymphatic / blood circulation, reduces the appearance of “orange peel”, smooths and softens the skin. The Palper Rouler anti-cellulite method, can be done by hand or with the help of a sophisticated machine. In the manual method, the skin is pinched and folded with the thumb, middle finger and forefinger and rolled. The machine method uses the same basic principles while adding a suction, stream-roller and in some cases heat.   While, both methods can be effective, I believe the manual touch application provides extra added benefits.

One key benefit of a machine administered Palper Rouler massage, is, unlike our hands, they are tireless. Thus, they allow to produce a constant and effective movement and one can choose its intensity, with each application. While customization is available through these massages devices; offering multiple speeds and pressure strengths. They still lack the personalization for each individual. Three or five pressure strength might work on one person but not all.  But, on the other hand, a trained Palper Rouler masseuse can adjust the movement and pressure accordingly. Never missing a spot and adjusting to each individual’s needs.

Another downside to a machine application, this method may seem a bit repetitive and impersonal. It must be practiced by an expert with a good knowledge of the machine, who will have followed and completed a continuous training, in order to properly dose the intensity, especially on fragile skin. In addition, whether you decide to go for a machine administered Paper Rouler massage at a spa or decide to purchase one on your own, the cost might be slightly higher. Along with cost, a machine must still be administered by trained individual. The decision to purchase one for home use takes a certain level of commitment of training to actually taking the time to properly treat oneself.

And, lastly, according to several studies conducted by the Touch Research Institute Research, University of Miami touch is healing.  In addition to preventing cellulite, the manual Palper Rouler massage also heals. Did you know that touch provides a kick to our immune system? Several studies have shown, a 45 minutes manual touch massage increase the number of white blood cells in our bodies, which help defend us from disease. If you suffer from sleep problems, touch massage increases the delta waves in our brains, the brain waves that connect to deep sleep. And, lastly, touch massage increases serotonin and dopamine, which are both neurotransmitters that help stabilize your mood.