Palper-Rouler + Lymphatic Massage = Emmanuelle Blanche’s Signature Treatment

If you have never heard the words Palper Rouler, it’s because the term has not been used in the USA for very long. In fact, Emmanuelle Blanche is the very first spa owner to bring the Palper Rouler technique to America and the only one who offers the signature combination of Palper Rouler with Lymphatic Drainage Massage.  Emmanuelle Blanche Spa has been offering the French technique and her signature massage since 2018, garnering instant popularity in the wellness industry and establishing herself as one of the go-to spas in Los Angeles.

The Palper Rouler technique originated in France. It is pronounced “Pal-Pay, Roo-lay” and is translated into English as “kneading and rolling”. The massage is done manually and is designed to break down the fat cells that form cellulite and combined with the lymphatic massage, it promotes the elimination of those dead cells by manually pumping the lymphatic system. Compared to other spas and other anti-cellulite contouring, Emmanuelle Blanche’s Full Body Contouring is a more holistic and non-invasive approach to getting rid of that orange peel skin and bumpy cellulite.  No machines with potential side effects, no lasers with heat or freezing elements that can potentially damage the skin and drain your wallet in the process. The signature treatment is fully manual, using natural oils imported from France, and is easily tailored to focus on each client’s targeted areas, which in turn, generates fast and effective results. And the best part is you get to see your body instantly slimmer thanks to the therapist moving the stagnant fluid towards your lymph nodes, hence stimulating your body’s natural elimination process and leaving you a few inches leaner with your first visit!

Another treatment specific to Emmanuelle Blanche Spa, is the Face Modelage. This heavenly facial is a Palper Rouler with Lymphatic Drainage approach for the face. It is specific to slowing the effects of aging and stimulating your skin’s natural ability to regenerate and revitalize. With the use of a rose quartz crystal roller and Guasha, the facial massage will tone your under eyes, jawline, cheekbones and neck, it will boost blood circulation and collagen production and hydrate your skin leaving you rosy cheeked with a glowing complexion.

At Emmanuelle Blanche Spa, the signature Palper Rouler Full Body Contouring is a must in your wellness and self-care practice. Our massages are effective and unique, and our clients leave rejuvenated, detoxed, and looking and feeling healthier than before.