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As you know, health and wellness comprise a variety of important aspects, and today we want to focus on nutrition and share a concept that resonates with our values and beliefs.

By adopting the 3V rule established by researchers in preventive, sustainable, and holistic nutrition (INRAE, FRANCE) we can adopt a diet that is based on a simple concept in which the protection of human health goes through the animal’s health and their interactions with the environment.

V as vegetable, or plant based food

A number of studies show that heavy consumers of fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts and whole grains have reduced risk of chronic disease. For this rule, we go towards 85% of vegetable calories and 15% of calories from animal products (eggs, meat, fish, dairy products, etc).

V as veritable, or whole food

The rules are to absolutely refuse ultra-processed foods.

According to numerous epidemiological studies, these foods consumed in excess expose us to an increased risk of pathologies: overweight and obesity; type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, etc.

V as a varied diet

You would need at least 40 different foods per week.

It is preferable that these foods are from organic farming, that they have been produced locally, and that they correspond to the season. In addition, by having a diversified diet, the risks of accumulating toxic compounds become less important.

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