Introducing a new treatment- Face Modelage! Or how to get a natural and organic facelift
Say goodbye to Botox and hello to au naturel with the most effective and crucial anti-aging treatment: Facial Massage. Facial massage is a combination of rhythmic contouring and sculpting strokes, including therapeutic touches, such as mini Palper Rouler, that help to activate the micro blood circulation in the facial skin. This stimulates the lymphatic system and increases the production of collagen, which will improve the elasticity of the skin while fighting fine lines and wrinkles, keeping you youthful, toned and lifted.

Our facial massage is a hands-only technique with the addition of a chilled quartz roller and gua sha to decreases puffiness, especially around the eyes. We use a 100% organic oil from France made of fruits and vegetables, (avocado, carrot, almond, argan, pomegranate, oregano, orange, pear cactus).

You will leave with your face feeling hydrated, fresh and rejuvenated with a lightrosé glow.

Our Face Modelage treatment is offered in many options.

As an add-on, a quick glow-on-the-go, or a full facial rejuvenation, our new Face Modelage treatment is a safe and natural option available to everyone. We use mon Huilette DAY serum, a 100% organic product  from France, on all our Face Modelage treatments.

Unlike Botox and fillers, facial massage is safe for pregnant and breastfeeding women. If you have had Botox or filler treatments, please allow 3 weeks before receiving a facial massage.


For a quick glow-on-the-go before your afternoon lunch on or night on the town! 


For a deeper lymphatic detox and increase in collagen production, further reducing the appearance of wrinkles.


Add a short 15 minute facial massage to your Palper Rouler ou Lymphatic Drainage treatment and experience its rejuvenating effects.

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