I met Emma a couple of years ago on holiday in Corsica. If I hadn’t already known she was Parisian, I could’ve sworn she was a born and bred Californian, with her eternal glow, beach blond hair and her love for life. She has an infectious laugh and an effervescence about her. It’s no wonder the universe brought her to LA – the land of sunshine, “angels” and dreams.

Interview with Emma…

Congratulations on your new endeavor! Tell us, what are your biggest inspirations and influences for starting your spa?

My friends, modern working women are my first source of inspiration. Time is precious, and they don’t have much time to take care of themselves.  At Emmanuelle Blanche, I provide a body treatment which takes care of both their wellness and their beauty. I want women to have a deeper connection to their natural beauty. I also imagined a beautiful space where they can feel welcomed and just release the stresses of the day.😊

And, the big question, what brought you to LA?

Love, only love! I quit everything in Paris, except my daughter. She, of course is also here with me.

 How did you come around to the idea of palper rouler?

I used to get palper rouler massages for 15 years in Paris, and when I arrived in LA it was impossible to find this kind of massage. I was surprised! LA the city of the wellness, healthy foods and fitness. I personally need this wellness routine, I can’t live without, it’s a matter of balance, way of life.

How did you discover this technique?

 I discovered it after trying a lot of other different techniques to get rid of cellulite, to relieve my legs of water retention and a bad lymphatic system. Nothing else was as effective. Nothing replaces expert hands and customized treatment. It is getting to be very popular in Paris.

 Outside of palper rouler, what is your wellness routine? Your lifestyle?

 For me a good day always start with a really good cup of coffee, black, no sugar, and the best way is in my bed where I listen to the news. I skip breakfast, I learned to listen to my body, so I stopped eating in the morning as I don’t feel the need. Actually, without knowing it, I used to have intermittent fasting. I do 45 minutes of cardiovascular exercise on an empty stomach three times per week, besides that, I do Pilates once or twice per week. I also, do stand-up paddle-boarding. I enjoy buying fresh food daily and cooking! I eat almost everything, except dairy, I’m lactose intolerant, and I try to avoid gluten in US, I don’t feel well when I eat too much gluten here. All day long I love drinking a bottle of water with lemon and ginger. I like to end the day with a good glass of red wine and a good dinner. I aim to get to bed before 11pm, sleeping in a darkened room for optimal recovery. 

For you, what is the biggest difference between LA and Paris?

In Los Angeles, the distances are huge, we have the sensation of having space, place to breathe, the beach, the hills… In Paris, you are always surrounded by the crowd, but I love that you can always walk to meet friends, which is just not the case in LA. Here, we have space but that translates to distance too. And, lastly, the cafe terraces and the weather! It would be great to have those terraces in LA or this weather in Paris! Too bad, we can’t have everything! But if you come visit me at my space, you will be able to enjoy a coffee in a patio (laughs!)

And, lastly… some fun questions 😉.

 What’s your favorite quote?

“Don’t worry, if it’s supposed to happen, it will.” I believe in the power of attraction.

What’s your biggest pet peeve?

Driving in LA! (laughs)

What’s your favorite cheat food?


 What’s your favorite vacation spot?

I have so many places yet to discover! But, I love to go back to Saint Florent in Corsica (France), Trancoso in Bahia (Brazil), Holbox an island in Yucatan (Mexico), The Hotel Parker for a weekend in Palm Springs… I think the list is too long! (laughs)

About Emi:
Emi, originally comes from advertising and PR.  These days she works with her husband run their furniture & design business.
However, her true calling and passion lies in wellness and helping others. She’s currently working on launching her own wellness projects.