Emmanuelle Blanche Spa-Lymphatic Massage -Palper Rouler -Cellulite Removal

Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer!

By HBgrl

“..Palper Rouler (pronounced pal-peh-roo-leh), is a body contouring treatment providing long term elimination of cellulite. It employs a French technique of skin rolling combined with myofascial release to eliminate fat cells, thus resulting in weight loss, improved skin texture, and detoxification.

“The main difference between the Palper Rouler and the Brazilian massage is that the skin rolling technique is more effective in releasing the fascia and breaking up the fat deposits.

This manual technique of pinching and rolling breaks down fat cells that lie right beneath the skin,” says Blanche. In addition, she notes that she’s seen dramatic results in her clients even after a small number of treatments.”

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