Emmanuelle Blanche Spa-Lymphatic Massage -Palper Rouler -Cellulite Removal

By Elephant Journal

“Since November is the month of gratitude and thankfulness, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss the importance of treating your body, and skin, with the respect, love and attention it deserves.

Founder of the holistic Los Angeles French spa Emmanuelle Blanche – the french silhouette, Emmanuelle recommends incorporating this gratitude method to your self care routine; “When you dry brush at home, or use a guasha on your face, it’s the perfect moment to practice gratitude and repeat your affirmations.”

Gratitude As a Key Ingredient in Your Skin Care Routine

She goes on to say that sending love to your body while receiving a treatment is also a great practice – a more beneficial one than thinking about the parts of your body that you DON’T like. “Our clients come in to get rid of cellulite or water retention, it’s easy for them to focus on how they dislike that. Instead, focusing on all the wonderful things your body does for you, sending love, gratitude and healing, turns your treatment into a meditation and an opportunity for self-love, something we can never have too much of!””

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