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Wouldn’t it be fantastic to look and feel slimmer after one hour of relaxation? It sounds too good to be true, but in fact, that is just one of the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage. If you haven’t already fallen into a rabbit hole of before-and-after pictures from your favorite celebs, you can easily find a plethora of side by sides of people showing off their results simply by googling “Lymphatic Drainage Massage”. The pictures are real, and the results are enviable! So, let me explain why this heaven-sent therapeutic treatment works.

What is the lymphatic system, what is lymph fluid, and what are lymph nodes?

The lymphatic system is a component of your body’s immune system. The lymph nodes are little pockets that contain white blood cells that filter and fight harmful substances that travel through them via the lymph fluid. The lymphatic system fights off diseases and infections. A clogged or stagnant lymphatic system will often cause bloating, water retention, lethargy, and perhaps even allergies and illness. This is sometimes the consequence of poor nutrition, poor health habits, surgery, lack of exercise, or preexisting health conditions.

A Lymphatic drainage massage will stimulate and manually move stagnant fluid towards the nodes, where it will be released, therefore reducing the amount of fluid stuck under the skin and instantly making you appear slimmer.

What to do before getting a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

As a rule of thumb, drinking a lot of water is helpful to eliminate toxins. So, drinking sufficient water the day before and the day of your massage is a must. Refrain from eating a big meal right before getting massaged. Arrive early and let your therapist know if you’ve recently had surgery, Botox, or filers, so they can adjust accordingly. Remove any makeup and jewelry, get comfortable, and enjoy your relaxing treatment. I like to take a few deep breaths before starting to relieve any tension my body may be holding.

What to expect after a Lymphatic Drainage Massage?

Now that your lymphatic system is flowing again, you may need to use the restroom. This is normal as your body is eliminating toxins! You may feel invigorated, energized, and lighter on your feet. You may also notice your body looking like you lost a few pounds! This is a result of releasing all that water retention and bloating. Make sure you keep drinking water and keep up with your healthy diet and lifestyle as you go about your day and the rest of your week.

A regular lymphatic drainage massage routine is recommended to support a healthy immune system and a healthier you!

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