The lymphatic system is a crucial element of our physiology for a healthy immune system and a healthy body. It consists of tiny little vessels, very much like veins, that run parallel to the circulatory system. These little vessels transport a fluid called Lymph. This fluid is responsible for absorbing toxins from the tissues and transporting them to the lymph nodes where they are then eliminated by the body. The lymphatic system is exactly like the circulatory system in that it is essential, but it does not however have a “heart”; a pump that makes the liquid travel throughout the vessels. Therefore, the lymphatic system is susceptible to becoming stagnant. Lymph fluid can become stuck and can result in swelling, a compromised immune system, and worse, it can lead to more serious health problems.

During liposuction, the fat that lies beneath the skin is suctioned out by a vacuum-like wand. This procedure, although widely practiced, is an invasive cosmetic operation, and the removal of fat damages the connective tissue (fascia), the blood vessels, and you guessed it, the lymphatic vessels. This damage to the system causes the fluid to accumulate in the area, producing lymphedema and swelling.

Surgeons will often recommend their liposuction patients to follow up their surgery with lymphatic drainage massages.

This is because the therapist will manually move the fluid by gently stroking your skin and guiding the lymph fluid towards the nearest lymph node. Post-operation massage therapists will know how to work around wounds and treat the patient in the best way possible for the best results possible.

Lymphatic drainage massages after liposuction can be very beneficial. They will speed up recovery, prevent and help heal any scarring. And the most obvious, it will reduce the swelling around the treated area. If a patient finds themselves with a lot of swelling and doesn’t properly tend to the issue, there could be unwanted aesthetic results, prolonged recovery, and potential health complications.

As with most surgeries, we believe a well-managed post-operation will leave the client with the best results possible.

The gentle strokes of a lymphatic drainage massage are very soothing for the body but also for the mind. It is a very relaxing and restful experience-enhancing furthermore the recovery process and the overall morale.

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