“I became a Palper Rouler fan about 15 years ago in Paris. As I have always been open in sharing my beauty secrets, I recommended this manual technique to all my friends. Most of them did not know how to get rid of their cellulite or suffered from heavy legs and bad circulation.

Since arriving in LA, I’m convinced that this spirit of sharing is the perfect attitude upon which to base my new business. I continue to help the women I meet and they give back to me by sharing their experience here.

It is all about giving back and enjoying everyone’s process.”


Gina Ragnone - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“As an athlete, I’ve seen and heard a lot of people try lymphatic massages for different purposes.”

As soon as you walk into the spa, you feel enveloped by the warmth and chic vibe. I experienced the 60-minute Palper Rouler and Lymphatic Massage and I loved it. My description would go as follows: it felt like a suction cup (she actually used cupping) being rubbed all over my body followed by fairy fingered masseuse. I felt energized and relaxed at once. My body was highly stimulated yet at ease.

The stomach massage was also interesting (no cupping here). It felt strange at first but then I felt so much anxiety being released with the gentle touch from my masseuse’s hands, flowing in and out of deep areas of my stomach.

Bottom line, I left wanting more. Let’s be honest, after all the running and workouts I’ve been doing, no amount of foam roller or stretching would be enough for me to be fully rebooted.

I STRONGLY recommend trying this massage if you are an athlete, or even just if you want to treat your body to a nice reboot.

I wanted to test out the effects of the massage so I ran 2 half marathons and did a long straight training in the days prior to the treatment. I woke up the morning after the massage and felt brand new: it was such a fantastic feeling!

Thank you so much Emmanuelle Blanche, I will be back soon for sure!”

Read the full testimonial here.

Gina Ragnone - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“I fell in love with Palper Rouler after my first treatment”

Emmanuelle Blanche is a true sanctuary… an escape from bustling LA. The spa itself is extremely aesthetically pleasing with shades of pale pink and an outdoor relaxing area in the back. When you enter, you immediately feel calmer and more relaxed. I fell in love with Palper Rouler after my first treatment. I felt a difference right away with a longer, leaner look and smoother skin. It especially helped with inflammation and lactic acid build up in my legs. I then tried the Facial Modelage, which could not have shown up at a better time seeing as though I am pregnant and have to stay away from Botox. It’s truly magical! It lifts the skin, fights puffiness and gives you a nice glow. Everyone there from the front desk staff to the massage therapists and of course the owner, Emmanuelle, are lovely to work with and could not be more knowledgeable or helpful. I always look forward to my treatments at Emmanuelle Blanche!

Best in health,

Gina Ragnone
Certified Nutrition and Wellness Coach @falabar

Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

K H, Los Angeles, CA – 5 stars on Yelp

UNBELIEVABLE. I have lived in LA for 26 years and I have tried a LOT of services but this experience blew me away. I am turning 50 next year so I have a laundry list of concerns but at the top was my cellulite on my legs and buttocks. I Googled cellulite West Hollywood and scrolled through the ads, the Palper Rouler was something new I had not heard of (and non-invasive) so I tried it not thinking it would give much of a difference. The place is lovely, feminine and really relaxed. After the initial consultation with Emmanuelle and Sonia they gave me a scan of my body (enlightening and shocking – warts et al) and then the most thorough massage/education of my skin. The results on me? A 40% reduction of my cellulite appearance – no joke. My husband and I were both blown away. That was three weeks ago and I am still doing the cupping as Sonia showed me so the results have stayed. Run to see these ladies if you have issues because this works and you don’t have use a laser that might do damage you can’t see or undo.



Yelp - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

Christen H. New York , NY – 5 stars on Yelp

The spa was a wonderful experience start to finish, but the treatment itself seems quite effective. This was my first time with their particular method. Sonia was highly skilled and combined their body contouring massage technique with cupping, brushing and lymphatic drainage. I could feel it working immediately and my system flowing for hours after. I have a long way to go but my legs were plump and smoother with good blood flow. I immediately set another appointment for the next day and plan to try a regular regimen combined with detox/cleansing, sweat/infrared treatment and exercise. I have wasted so much money on creams, oils, tools, procedures, etc. European treatments are way more effective than all of the surgery and medication I believe we focus on in this country! I’m hopeful for the first time in a while.


Yelp - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

Lola J. West Hollywood, CA – 5 stars on Yelp

I’ve been to Emmanuelle Blanche three times now, and it has been a consistently lovely experience from start to finish. I love that this is the only spot in Los Angeles (and maybe the United States) that offers this very specialized Papier Rouler technique to improve skin texture and reduce cellulite. The decor is beautiful, the music is calming, and the technicians are simply divine. This is an incredible addition to our city!


Yelp - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

Cmtm c. Scottsdale AZ – 5 stars on Yelp

Wonderful place!  I finally learned how French girls can eat all they want and stay in such great shape.  The owner, Emmanuelle Blanche, has brought over a very unique form of massage therapy that reduces cellulite and detoxifies your body.  Wonderful experience and will definitely be going back.  The staff is super professional and the design of the space is gorgeous – it truly feels like you are in a Parisian spa.  They also do this body scan that measures your fat.  They have some very advanced technology that they combine with a deep massage technique to provide your body great circulation.  Most importantly, I felt great after my treatment session.


Emmanuelle Blanche Spa-Lymphatic Massage -Palper Rouler -Cellulite Removal

“…everyone that has tried it has been addicted – just like me”

I would have never imagined how long lasting the results are! Ever since my pregnancy I have been struggling with water retention around my ankles and legs. The results were immediate – not only did I have the leanest legs when I came out of the first treatment but I now experience much less swelling in general. In addition the underlying skin tissue on my upper legs feels much more even and well circulated! I have recommended Emmanuelle’s treatment many times and everyone that has tried it has been addicted – just like me!

Nadine Blömer
Chief Operations Officer at Ragdoll LA

Mukta Cholette - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“A relaxing experience that leaves you feeling firmer, energized..”

As a health nut, I am always interested in new ways to keep my body and mind in the best possible shape. From acupuncture to essential oils, if it’s natural and will help me stay healthy, I’m in! When I heard that someone had finally brought Palper Rouler to LA, I was delighted! I had heard about the technique and its health benefits from my mother in Canada but, since it wasn’t available in LA yet, I hadn’t tried it.

What I like about the Emmanuelle Blanche method is that they took the traditional French method and added lymphatic drainage, cupping, and essential oils to take it to the next level. The result is a relaxing experience that leaves you feeling firmer, energized, and that gets rid of any cellulite you might have.

The space is beautiful, the therapists are well versed in the lymphatic system and any cellulite related issues, and Emmanuelle is possibly the most welcoming Spa owner you have ever met. I highly recommend this place!

Mukta Cholette
Marketing Manager

Valerie Defert - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“Palper Rouler helped me get my body back in shape after giving birth”

After giving birth to my second child, a beautiful boy, I was eager to get my body back in shape as fast as possible. I had tried low carb diets and exercising but I still had this fat/cellulite in my legs that I had a hard time getting rid off. I remembered doing Palper Rouler massages back when I lived in Paris, so when I learned that Emmanuelle was opening a Rouler Palper salon I literally ran there.
The space is perfectly located on La Cienega and the decoration has a great California feel but most importantly the Rouler Palper massages are amazing. I took a 10 session package and I lost three inches of waist in 5 weeks ! It is really worth it. Not only did I get my body back but I feel more relaxed, lighter, firmer and most importantly more confident.
Thank you Emmanuelle !

Valerie Defert
Journalist and proud mom of Inès and Hugo

Michelle Hoogveld - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“Emmanuelle Blanche is a MUST for women!”

The moment you walk into her space, you cannot help but fall in love with the aura of femininity curated throughout her wellness centre.  It was such a pleasure to experience the Palper Rouler method brought specially from France. I instantly felt the technique working its magic on my skin. Her specially trained therapists are extremely knowledgable, offering an experience that truly allows clients to enjoy the many benefits from such a unique method. I already see the difference in my legs, feeling tighter and smoother! I couldn’t be happier and already look forward to my next treatment! Her thoughtful selection of skincare products used during services are incredible too! Emmanuelle Blanche is truly magnificent!

Michelle Hoogveld
Visual Artist

Fannie Brett-Rabault - Emmanuelle Blanche - Lymphatic Massage in Beverly Hills, CA - Cellulite Removal

“Palper Rouler’s technique gave me back my youth”

My name is Fannie Brett-Rabault and I have been in the entertainment industry over the last 25 years. As a former actress and I think lots of women will understand that, it is super important to me to look good. When I look good, I feel good and everyone around me gets that energy.

I’ve always managed to maintain a lean silhouette, but pass 40 years old due to a bad circulation and probably too much sugar I started to get cellulite… lots of it… No more skirts, shorts or bathing suits, only jeans, jeans, jeans and more jeans.

Yes, I was going to the gym but I needed a push… And boy… Did I get it!!!

Emmanuelle Blanche Palper Rouler’s technique erased this feeling of shame when I now show my legs. I won’t lie to you, when the masseuse is demonstrating her talent on your leg you can feel it… and you might scream a little! But… what a reward!

After my first session at Emmanuelle Blanche’s Spa, and I’m not lying, after the first session indeed, I looked at my legs as they already looked and felt firmer.

I was very shy to try at first so Emmanuelle offered me the first session and she didn’t have to pull my arm for me to get the next 10 at once!

I’m 46 years old and am now going through lots of meetings and responsibilities as a CEO of my Company 7 Holdings media and Project Managing for Encore Voices. Well… guess what? I now wear what I want at my meetings! Few days ago I organized a 2 days casting with 50 actors and I looked amazing. I was wearing a tight black dress with short boots and compliments were flying right and left!

My legs do feel lighter and do look firmer, because they are. It feels like Palper Rouler’s technique gave me back my youth. My husband is happy to see me wear my cute homie shorts again. Yes, I do feel sexier!

This method works and I cannot thank Emmanuelle enough as she brought this knowledge from France to us in California.

I wish Emmanuelle all the success with her wellness center as what she has to offer works and will make you feel more confident and energized.

Fannie Brett-Rabault
Project Manager

Emmanuelle Blanche Spa-Lymphatic Massage -Palper Rouler -Cellulite Removal