How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs with a Non-Invasive Massage Treatment

Did you know that it is possible to treat cellulite without taking drastic measures or spending a ton of money on creams? Some studies examined specifically the effects of fascial manipulation on cellulite in adult women. Fascial manipulation is a type of manual massage treatment typically employed for pain relief.  Fascia are vertical ...

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The French Silhouette in West Hollywood

We were delighted to meet with Voyage LA Magazine, here’s an extract from the article. Follow the link below to keep reading. Today we’d like to introduce you to Emmanuelle Constant. Emmanuelle, let’s start with your story. We’d love to hear how you got started and how the journey has been so far. ...

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Skin Inc discovers Palper Rouler

Cellulite is nobody's friend, and even though nearly every woman has it, it is still a body concern that many would like to remove. While technology has produced different devices sworn to get rid of those little bumps, sometimes it is best to go back to basics. That is what Emmanuelle Constant, founder ...

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2 femmes à Hollywood rencontre Emmanuelle Blanche

L'équipe de 2 Femmes à Hollywood a rencontré Emmanuelle Constant, propriétaire du spa Emmanuelle Blanche, the French Silhouette, situé à Beverly Hills. Emmanuelle, merci de prendre le temps de nous rencontrer. Avec l'ouverture de votre spa, le lancement officiel de votre nouvelle terrace, (soirée que nous avons beaucoup appréciée), ainsi que votre clientèle ...

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Good Morning LaLa Land is talking about us!

When Jezlan Moyet from Good Morning LaLa Land shares the secret behind beautiful FRENCH women !!! Thank you Jezlan, for trying our French non-chirurgical, anti-cellulite massage technique, Palper Rouler. See what she has to say in the video.

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Bello Magazine interviews founder Emmanuelle Constant…

In a recent interview for Bello Magazine, Emmanuelle recounts the genesis of her Emmanuelle Blanche wellness centre and her motivation as a French entrepreneur in her recently adopted Los Angeles. Here is an extract of the interview :  BELLO recently got the chance to sit down with Emmanuelle Constant, the founder and owner ...

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The Experience Magazine joined us for our opening.

“...definitely a night to remember and worth revisiting with a wellness experience.” We were delighted to welcome Lucille Mcelroy from The Experience Magazine to our opening event.  (EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE) — LOS ANGELES, CA — It was with great delight to have joined founder Emmanuelle Constant and discover the world of Emmanuelle Blanche! Designer, entrepreneur ...

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