Why Massages Are Good Against Cellulite

Massage has long been known to have beneficial effects on the body and each massage has a well-defined function to achieve its intended purpose. This is the reason why certain massages can prevent and remove cellulite from the body and make you feel better day after day. Let’s explore some effective practices to ...

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Elephant Journal Speaks About Emmanuelle Blanche – Gratitude As a Key Ingredient in Your Skin Care Routine

By Elephant Journal "Since November is the month of gratitude and thankfulness, we thought it would be appropriate to discuss the importance of treating your body, and skin, with the respect, love and attention it deserves. Founder of the holistic Los Angeles French spa Emmanuelle Blanche – the french silhouette, Emmanuelle recommends incorporating ...

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Hollywood Beauty Magazine talks about Emmanuelle’s Cellulite Reduction Treatments for the Summer

Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer! By HBgrl "..Palper Rouler (pronounced pal-peh-roo-leh), is a body contouring treatment providing long term elimination of cellulite. It employs a French technique of skin rolling combined with myofascial release to eliminate fat cells, thus resulting in weight loss, improved skin texture, and detoxification. “The main ...

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Emmanuelle Blanche

Emanuelle Blanche uses a French method of massage to reduce cellulite and improve blood flow. This method helps to decongest engorged zones, softens the tissues, frees the fascia, and restarts both the blood and lymphatic circulation. All to help eliminate fat deposits, water, and flush out toxins. Meanwhile, the loss of inches is ...

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GirlTalkHQ talks to Emmanuelle Constant

GIRL ON A MISSIONMeet The Entrepreneur Who Turned Her Health Problems Into A Thriving Holistic Care BusinessJanuary 6, 2020By Mario BoucherEmmanuelle Constant transformed health problems into a wellness business that thrives in helping other people. While struggling with stress, Constant sought answers in common medicine but found it did not solve her health issues.“With alternative medicine and massage ...

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The Benefits of Facial Massage

You have heard of Facial Massages, Face Gym, Face Modelage, or Natural Facelift… But you might not know what these treatments are exactly and what they can do for you. Let’s find out! Our Face Modelage, a unique form of facial massage, will not only treat sagging, wrinkled skin, but it will help ...

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs with a Non-Invasive Massage Treatment

Did you know that it is possible to treat cellulite without taking drastic measures or spending a ton of money on creams? Some studies examined specifically the effects of fascial manipulation on cellulite in adult women. Fascial manipulation is a type of manual massage treatment typically employed for pain relief.  Fascia are vertical ...

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