What is the best body contouring treatment?

Summer is here and we deserve to peel off the layers and enjoy the sun on our skin. But we don’t have to wait for summer seasons to get that summer bod. Self-care is an important year-long work and a body you love will boost your confidence and will positively affect many aspects ...

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Facial Lymphatic Massage: The New Hollywood Trend.

Whether it’s a work meeting, a date, or a girl’s night out, we always want to look our best. And a swollen face, puffy under eyes or dull skin is less than desirable to put our best face forward. There is an overwhelming amount of beauty products and make-up that will help conceal ...

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What’s the difference between Palper Rouler and CoolSculpting®?

In our modern fast-paced world, when we want something, we want it quick. But when it comes to our physique, no big result is truly instantaneous. There are a lot of treatments that advertise quick weight loss, but we all know the healthiest way to shed off the excess (and keep shedding it) is ...

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Hollywood Beauty Magazine talks about Emmanuelle’s Cellulite Reduction Treatments for the Summer

Cellulite Reduction Treatments Just In Time For Summer! By HBgrl "..Palper Rouler (pronounced pal-peh-roo-leh), is a body contouring treatment providing long term elimination of cellulite. It employs a French technique of skin rolling combined with myofascial release to eliminate fat cells, thus resulting in weight loss, improved skin texture, and detoxification. “The main ...

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The Benefits of a Lymphatic Massage No One Talks About

The evidence is all over social media. Celebrities and influencers rave about it and we’ve seen the slimming effects of lymphatic drainage massages. But what about all the other benefits? Let’s dig further and go beyond what we’ve heard and seen.A congested lymph system can cause bloating, lethargy, food intolerances, allergies, and dull skin.Yes, ...

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Everything You Need To Know About Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Wouldn’t it be fantastic to look and feel slimmer after one hour of relaxation? It sounds too good to be true, but in fact, that is just one of the benefits of a lymphatic drainage massage. If you haven’t already fallen into a rabbit hole of before-and-after pictures from your favorite celebs, you can ...

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How to perform a lymphatic massage at home with a Gua Sha?

As we have to treat ourselves at home, why not try a lymphatic massage with one of our favorite tools, the Gua Sha? Let’s be creative and keep our lymphatic system flowing! But first, do you know about the lymphatic system? The lymphatic system is made up of vessels, nodes, and lymph glands. ...

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How to Continue the Benefits of Your Treatments at Home

Regular dry brushing, cupping and drinking more water all support a good wellness routine in addition to supporting the treatments you receive at Emmanuelle Blanche spa.1- Dry brushing helps stimulate circulation, improves lymphatic drainage and clear toxins out of the tissue, as well as exfoliates dead skin cells which makes the skin look smoother ...

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Enhance the Results of Liposculpture with our French Technique Palper Rouler

What is liposculpture? Liposculpture is a surgical procedure that is used to give you more muscle tone and shapeliness. It treats little pockets of fat, unlike liposuction which covers larger areas. Instead of just removing fat, liposculpture also moves it around to create the desired shape. It can be particularly useful in areas ...

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