Lymphatic Drainage Massage as a Detoxifying Tool

“Detoxing” is the wellness trend-du-jour.  Many argue that “detoxing” by way of diet, fast, supplements, or other therapies; is flat out unnecessary. Why? Because your body is adept at detoxing itself. In fact, it has numerous systems and processes by which it does so: the liver, kidneys, digestive system, skin, and lungs all ...

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GirlTalkHQ talks to Emmanuelle Constant

GIRL ON A MISSIONMeet The Entrepreneur Who Turned Her Health Problems Into A Thriving Holistic Care BusinessJanuary 6, 2020By Mario BoucherEmmanuelle Constant transformed health problems into a wellness business that thrives in helping other people. While struggling with stress, Constant sought answers in common medicine but found it did not solve her health issues.“With alternative medicine and massage ...

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How to boost your immune system?

A healthy immune system reduces your chance of viral infection and flu. With little change in your diet and routine, you can ensure that your immune system is strong enough to protect you against a virus or infection. From sleeping for 8 hours to walking in the sun to eating a balanced diet, ...

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Exclusive Members Can Mix & Match!

Become an exclusive member and enjoy membership perks and discounts, and the option to play around with our menu and create the COMBO that works best for YOU. HOW IT WORKS When you commit to receiving one or two Signature Massages per month, the Palper Rouler Full Body Contouring, not only do you ...

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What does a Lymphatic Massage feel like and how does it work?

What does a Lymphatic Massage feel like and how does it work? Do you know what is the Lymphatic System? The lymphatic system is made up of vessels, nodes, and lymph glands. It carries nutrients and waste material between the body tissues and the blood. However, unlike the heart, the center of the ...

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How To Support Your Wellness Routine At Home To Prevent Cellulite

In a previous e-blog, I wanted to share preventative tips and home remedies that you can add to our signature massage, to enhance your results when it comes to eliminating cellulite from your body. Lifestyle changes commitment are your best bet Of course hydrate, rest, eat healthy and exercise! While these things are ...

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The Benefits of Facial Massage

You have heard of Facial Massages, Face Gym, Face Modelage, or Natural Facelift… But you might not know what these treatments are exactly and what they can do for you. Let’s find out! Our Face Modelage, a unique form of facial massage, will not only treat sagging, wrinkled skin, but it will help ...

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Introducing a new treatment: Face Modelage! Or how to get a natural and organic facelift!

Say goodbye to Botox and hello to au naturel with the most effective and crucial anti-aging treatment: Facial Massage. Facial massage is a combination of rhythmic contouring and sculpting strokes, including therapeutic touches, such as mini Palper Rouler, that help to activate the micro blood circulation in the facial skin. This stimulates the ...

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How to Get Rid of Cellulite on Thighs with a Non-Invasive Massage Treatment

Did you know that it is possible to treat cellulite without taking drastic measures or spending a ton of money on creams? Some studies examined specifically the effects of fascial manipulation on cellulite in adult women. Fascial manipulation is a type of manual massage treatment typically employed for pain relief.  Fascia are vertical ...

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What is “lymphatic drainage” massage therapy and why do we need it?

Basically, lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. This technique is known for its ability to detoxify the body: the lymph nodes hold onto pollution found in our water, air, and food. The purpose of lymphatic drainage massage is to accelerate ...

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