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Bello Magazine interviews founder Emmanuelle Constant…

In a recent interview for Bello Magazine, Emmanuelle recounts the genesis of her Emmanuelle Blanche wellness centre and her motivation as a French entrepreneur in her recently adopted Los Angeles. Here is an extract of the interview :  BELLO recently got the chance to sit down with Emmanuelle Constant, the founder and owner ...

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Interview with Emma…

I met Emma a couple of years ago on holiday in Corsica. If I hadn’t already known she was Parisian, I could’ve sworn she was a born and bred Californian, with her eternal glow, beach blond hair and her love for life. She has an infectious laugh and an effervescence about her. It’s ...

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Palper Rouler Method: Manual Touch vs Machine

As the popular saying goes, “in this world nothing can be certain, except death and taxes”.  Well, for women, let’s add one more to that list - cellulite.  No matter your shape, age, size or lifestyle, the orange-peel monster is inevitable.  There is still no solid evidence keeping a healthy lifestyle aids in ...

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