At Emmanuelle Blanche we believe that a great silhouette is for everybody and every body.

The first of its kind in the US, Emmanuelle Blanche is dedicated solely to eliminating cellulite using the French manual technique Palper Rouler. In a relaxing and welcoming environment our experts in Palper Rouler massage tailor the treatment to your particular needs and wishes, your body type and the areas you choose to target, helping you to harmonize your silhouette.

Reduce your cellulite rapidly with the most effective French method, developed by physiotherapists. Despite many machines and accessories having tried to reproduce its effects, the manual Palper Rouler remains the anti-cellulite treatment unanimously recognized by the medical world and beauty specialists.

This treatment is a true wellness massage. After just a few sessions the results are not only motivating, but you will have more energy, and feel better in your body!



The anti-cellulite massage has been offered in Europe for many years. Developed by physiotherapists, this method is entirely manual. It involves several steps and gestures, including the French Palper Rouler, repeated for each area being treated.
Though many machines have been used to replace manual manipulation, none have come close to replacing the hand of an expert.

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At Emmanuelle Blanche, our therapists are trained and specialize in the manual technique of Palper Rouler. They adapt the protocol and target areas according to the morphology, the types of cellulite and the objectives of our customers.
Our common goal: feel good about yourself!

However, it’s not a one-time deal…

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Palper Rouler helps reduce the dimpling appearance caused by cellulite, helps cleanse toxins stored in fat cells, promotes dimensional loss, allows the fascia (connective tissues) to move freely with increased elasticity.
You will feel awesome from the inside out! Your skin will glow, your jeans glide on and your self-confidence will shine.

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My friends in both Paris & Los Angeles say that I work magic.
Indeed, I do have lovely friends.

I believe it is important to work hard and to commit one’s self to enjoying simple pleasures in life such as healthy food, Palper Rouler massages and a good night’s sleep!

After having spent 12 years of my life in merchandising for Agnès B, I decided to listen to the little voice inside my head that kept telling me: “You are ready to have your own business”.

So, voilà! Here I am 🙂

Today, based full-time in California, I wish to offer my Parisian savoir-faire to you, dearest L.A. Women. The Emmanuelle Blanche experience is an unforgettable one. In a soothing and aesthetic atmosphere, I will share with you how to feel and look good without the slightest effort.

My inherent taste for simple beauty and natural wellness will leave you with the desire to come back sooner rather than later to this intimate sanctuary.